What is the PH Factor of your body?

Your body’s PH Factor is probably the most important indicator you can monitor and control to keep your overall health in check.

Most people do not even think about the PH Factor of their body because more than likely it is not something they learned in health class or have even heard of throughout their life.

An optimum level of PH for the human body is considered to be 7.365. In comparison, an optimum level for pool water is 7.2.

What do the words “PH Factor” mean?

Anne Marie Helmenstine Ph.D. answers that question in the chemistry section of About.com


Why is the PH Factor of your body so important?

The most shocking and yet very simple answer, I have heard, is that a human body that has a PH factor near optimum, is more than likely a thin person who is hardly ever or even never sick. Again, that is what I heard through the grapevine.

Unfortunately though almost all of the food you are consuming right now, if you are a US citizen, is probably contributing to an imbalance in your body’s PH factor, which in turn may be contributing to poor health.

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Before you read any further please understand, I, the author of this article am not a doctor or a health professional of any sort. Nope, I am just a (somewhat nerdy at times) PC tech guy who helps people solve problems with their PC’s at home and in business and I do web sites too. Health is an important issue to me, as well as to most people, and keeping myself as naturally healthy as possible is something I strive for, but just like most folks, I probably do not look at it as seriously as I should. At least not yet! The information posted here is for reading pleasure only and you are not to take anything I have written here as medical advice, since I am not qualified to give any medical advice whatsoever! Please consult a professional in the medical, health, natural health or homeopathic industry for advice concerning your own medical condition.

Okay now that we have cleared up that I am not a medical professional let’s move on!

From a personal standpoint, I like getting the best of what I can afford into my life, especially when it comes to my overall general health. I have had my share of health problems over the years and always look for simple solutions to resolving as many issues as I can in one fell swoop. Actually I am a tech, so it is part of my nature to fix it now for the long term and move on to something else.

Every person’s body is a little different due to the gene pool and family health history. It just stands to reason though, that there are common basic and essential foods a body must have in order to operate efficiently.

What are the essential foods for a body to operate efficiently then?

I like to think of it like this. God made me and put food here on earth for me to eat, too! Taken a step further, God made Adam and Eve too and originally put them in a garden to survive eternally until he threw them out because they screwed up. When he threw them out of the garden of Eden, God also told them how they will get their food too, by working the soil from now on.

The main point is, in the Garden of Eden, there were fruits and vegetables to eat. Not steak and potatoes, fried chicken, pork chops, potato chips, popcorn and ice cream. Nope, just fruits and vegetables, and maybe water and grains too!

Of course if you do not believe in God, then so far this post would seem hokey to you but what if you could verify the affects of say organic food being used as a possible cure for some diabetics. So for you I searched for “organic food as cure for diabetes” and here is some results that came in near the top.




The point is you have to take the initiative and personal responsibility to make changes in your lifestyle if you want different results. No one can or should force you to change or do anything. It is just more of a matter of having valid facts in front of you to prompt your desire to willingly make changes on your own.

I started slowly changing my overall diet by paying attention to and incorporating foods that are more akaline since discovering that practically everything I was eating is acidic.

Here is a list of high akaline fruits. Avacados, tomatoes (cooked are slightly acidic), lemons, limes, sour cherries and grapefruit.

Here is a list of high akaline vegetables. Cucumbers, carrots, green peppers, celery, mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, onion sprouts and soy sprouts.

Of course there are other foods with less akaline content that are good for you, but I am attempting to point out to you that the food that should be in your diet, probably is not and more than likely you are consuming a lot highly acidic foods, which in turn will contribute to your body having problems just as a result of the akalinity or acidic content of your food.

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A pH balance is critical to good health. A key to health is maintaining a balanced pH.

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