Benefits of Organic Thyme

This information in this post was originally published at this site on Dec 28, 2011 and has been updated as of Feb 20, 2013.

The benefits of organic thyme intrigued me. I never realized just how much of a natural remedy and beneficial food supplement the herb or spice actually is until I compared it plain old readily available Thyme. Plain old thyme, available everywhere, is good for flavoring, but 100% organically grown thyme possesses additional benefits.

For reference purposes plain old Thyme is not organically grown.

Anyway since no site visitor’s (or potential homeopathic medicine people who were looking for a way to get a free link from this site to theirs) took the the bull by the horns and provided a sufficient comment to, or any response to this post…… I thought I better back up my self-proven opinion with some external facts.

In December 2011, I went out to a popular search engine and typed in the phrase “benefits of organic thyme” which yielded 1,290,000 results.

And here are the top three listings out of all those results. Hopefully at least one site visitor will benefit from this additional information concerning organic thyme.

On 20 February 2013, went searching again for the same phrase and found 3,330,000 references with the top 5 references being (excluding this site):

Note that the 1st reference from the first search in Dec. 2011 has disappeared from that site, but I left an unlinked text reference in the list and the 3rd reference from the first search in Dec 2011, is now the first reference found with the current search.

Now let us get into some of the reasons why I have created this post with the specific information in it, the way I have.

Well first and foremost, I really love the natural things that exist on the earth, so I am satisfying my own natural desire to work as closely as possible with nature.

Second, organic thyme is amazing.

Third, many people are probably unaware of the facts about organic thyme.

Fourth, all the lucky Internet business sites that appeared in the results of my searches are referenced to help you discern the actual beneficial truth of organic thyme, for your own verification and possible use in your life.

Fifth, this article is just one way to effectively build an on-going relationship with a natural health conscious Internet audience, you.

These are five of my reasons and I am sure there are more. You may even be thinking on a completely different level with your reasoning.

Do you wish to see a link to your business site at this site? Convince me you got something that matters to me and other folks who have an interest in natural health and alternative medicine by writing me, calling me, or even commenting at this site. Right now linking and referencing is still free, but as I build authority with this site and other sites, free goes away!

Good Luck and Much Success!