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Hello And Welcome To Thyme And Impatiens

Site Mission

To provide information, service, products and links related to the alternative health and medicine industry.  More specifically from people and businesses who are qualified to offer specific information, services and products within the Alternative Health and Medicine World.

We live in a chaotic world where information, products and services available to folks seeking possible health and medical alternatives for any particular lifestyle is sometimes not readily or easily accessible.

Basically this site offers alternatives available for individual choice.

Does this mean that the medical profession throughout the world can be replaced by alternative health and medical choices?

No, not by any stretch of anyone’s imagination and that is not the intention of this site. Medical professionals throughout the world are striving to make it a better world for everyone living on the planet and strict medical disciplines will always be a necessary fact of life.

Over the last say, few hundred years all medical procedures have been well refined to help humans better exist on Earth.

Over the last few thousand years, before the dawn of the last few hundred years, people in general have figured out on their own accord, how to take of themselves through naturally effective means.

An individual’s choice of how they wish to live their life naturally has been more overshadowed by the medical industry as a whole.

This is not something bad that has happened at all, but options of possible parallels  for individual people desiring natural or homeopathic medicine are becoming increasingly harder to trust and find, especially in such a chaotic world.

Who is this site for and what purpose does it serve?

This site is provides information and links for people interested in alternative health solutions.

This information is gathered and published randomly by site administration.

Information and links submitted by visiting professionals in the alternative health solutions industry are also randomly gathered and published.

Are you an alternative health professional that is highly capable of helping people?

If currently visible, follow the link at the bottom of this page and provide your  information. Your information will be reviewed. If accepted by site administration, your information will be published in some format at this site and linked to your business. Thanks for visiting!

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