Health Hearsay

This information may be hearsay, similar to wives tales or is it? Today I do not know, yesterday it seemed to be so. In either case, it does not matter because I am just a lowly site admin moving forward developing my business intricacies and the intricacies of people running their own business on the Internet.

Basically for most people the info in this post is just entertainment, while other folks may find it a little more than just health hearsay with serious consequence. As of today, no journalistic references are given and that basically means, if you are curious about the facts concerning something here, then you should research it and prove it to yourself, so that hopefully it does become true to you and stands as a fact for you.

Organic thyme is a natural anti-bacterial agent and expectorant for the lungs.

Black licorice (if you can find it) is a natural expectorant for the lungs.

100% cocoa butter (if you can find it) is a natural skin moisturizer.

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural skin moisturizer.

Aspartame, even though it was never developed to be a sugar substitute, is a sugar substitute used by almost all manufacturers of products that enter the human mouth. The last time I checked there were roughly eight pages of links pointing to all the dangers of Aspartame. If my memory is serving me correctly today, I recall one danger of Aspartame as having a genetic altering capability inside the human body.

There are at least 300 cures for cancer throughout the world, but none in the United States of America.

That is enough for today and do not take my words here as fact, do your research and leave me a comment or contact me any way you can with your research to prove or disprove anything you find written here. A fact only stands when two or more people agree on the same opinion. Well that is great, but it takes much than two agreeing people to continue to stay a fact.

Anyway if you or your business is naturally health oriented and needs Internet exposure, site development or even if you are just getting started with on-line business and have not a clue what to do, well you are in the right place, just give me a call or send in a support ticket to discuss your business.