The Cancer Battle

The Cancer battle rages on. Cancer is something that exists in everyone’s body by nature. The body can control and possibly eliminate harmful cancer when it has the resources to do so. Below is a link to a site I discovered a few years ago.

After reviewing information about cancer I found out some interesting things.

1. Consuming unnatural fats causes two important fatty acids to leave the blood. Once those fatty acids are not present in the blood, the body no longer has the capability to control or possibly eliminate harmful cancer.

2. Consuming natural fats through diet and knowledge puts the two important fatty acids back into the blood and restores the bodies capability to control and possibly eliminate harmful cancer.

The above two statements are what I have concluded after reviewing much information at the following site.

I am not a doctor, lawyer, politician, medical research scientist or anything like that. I am a data processing consultant who helps people with their computers and personal or business Internet sites.

The information in this article and any links are provided for entertainment purposes only, but you may find the information to be more shocking than entertaining, as I have.

Your choice of Health Information and practitioners is your personal matter and it is my personal belief that the more informed you are, the more choices you have in front of you to take care of yourself.

After reviewing the information at the site, I was really shocked that forms of what is considered to be incurable cancer is curable. Of course none of this information is relevant to citizen’s living the United States though. It is all relevant to people and researchers who live outside of the United States, so it is up to you to interpret and use the information in a responsible way in your daily life if you choose to do so.

I ended primarily focused on the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist, but you may find other interesting information to suit your own lifestyle.